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Mitzies Kitchen

Mitzie's Kitchen Scotch Bonnett Hot Sauce

Mitzie's Kitchen Scotch Bonnett Hot Sauce

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Scotch Bonnet Crushed Pepper Sauce is an all-natural sauce made with real Scotch Bonnet Habanero peppers grown in Costa Rica near the Irazu volcano. This very hot sauce delivers a slightly citrus taste from the fruity Scotch Bonnet pepper, carrot base, with lemon juice and passion fruit juice.

Mitzie's Kitchen Scotch Bonnett Hot Sauce  - A scotch bonnet pepper may sound timid, but it is nothing of the sort. It’s one of the spicier peppers (100,000 to 350,000 SHU, same as a habanero) that you may potentially find at a supermarket, especially in geographic areas high in Caribbean residents. Why the Caribbean? Because this is THE pepper of the region. In fact, if you say you want a hot pepper in most of the Caribbean islands, the scotch bonnet pepper is what you are handed. Scotch bonnet is used in all sorts of Caribbean cuisine, including the well-known jerk chicken (or jerk pork). Its sweet, tropical flavor pairs perfectly well with island tastes.

Ingredients: Water, Habanero Chili Pepper, Carrot, Onion, Salt, Acetic And Citric Acids (Acidity Regulators), Lime, Passion Fruit (Citric Extracts), Garlic, Xantham Gum, (Thickener), Ascorbic Acid (Antioxidant), Chili Pepper, Natural Extract


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