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Mitzie's Kitchen

Mitzie's Kitchen Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mitzie's Kitchen Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Mitzie' s Kitchen Greek Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil -  Koroneiki has a dark green color and is our most robust olive oil.  Green and grassy flavors with a peppery finish that will leave a pleasant tickle in your throat. Koroneiki is one of our best sellers! Our organic virgin olive oil is cold-pressed within hours of harvesting to preserve the fresh, delicious nature of our Greek olives. This olive oil extra virgin is perfect for cooking, drizzling, baking, and is great for sautéing and braising at high temps.

A staple of the Mediterranean Diet, these ancient trees produce oil that is high in antioxidants, is high phenolic (biophenols > 250 mg/kg, Lignans, Flavonoids), and since it is unfiltered, ensures that the maximum health benefits stay with the oil. Our fans love to take a spoonful in the morning for their health.


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