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Mitzie's Kitchen

Mitzie's Kitchen Energy Trail Mix Gift Tray

Mitzie's Kitchen Energy Trail Mix Gift Tray

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Granola was developed in the United States during the 1890s. Although extremely similar is appearance, granola and Muesli, which was developed in the1900s, are two completely different mixtures. Typically, a granola mixture includes oats, nuts, seeds and dry fruit. There is no one specific grain that is used in a granola mixture. A notable difference between granola and Muesli is that granola is cooked while Muesli is soaked in milk and eaten raw. Once the granola ingredients have been assembled, oil or butter and honey or maple syrup are added and everything is tossed together. The mixture is then baked until the ingredients are transformed into crunchy clusters.

Granola is eaten as a breakfast food and as a snack food. It is often paired with yogurt or milk. Granola trail mix is a portable snack. It is sometimes baked into bars to make it a convenient grab-and-go snack. Granola is frequently used as a topping sprinkled over desserts. With the variety of ingredient options available, healthy granola can be personalized to include your favorite type of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Granola mixes can be selected to meet specific dietary needs and can therefore easily be included in a health-conscious lifestyle.


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