About Us

Macel Pearl 'Mitzie' Mann was a special angel. She grew up in Appalachia in the Depression. She put herself through college. She became an educator. Mitzie taught for fifty two years. For over five decades she taught children, loving them, nurturing them and providing them with structure. You did not want Mitzie to give you her stern teacher look. She expected your best effort no matter what the situation.

At home when she was young, Mitzie was a student of her mother, Mary Martha Cogar Baughman, in the kitchen. Grandma Mary could cook and bake up a storm! We loved to go to her house for dinners because it was a true feast with freshly made, hot homemade rolls with fresh butter, home canned fruit preserves, homemade apple butter, real mashed potatoes, home canned veggies from the cellar and a melt in your mouth entrees! Don't forget the homemade pies, cakes and fudge. Mitzie was an excellent student in cooking with love.

Mitzie's Kitchen was always full of people feasting on home cooked food and fresh ground coffee. She fed her children , grandchildren, neighbors and friends food filled with love! Mitzie passed on in 2003. We have lots of wonderful memories. However, we felt that her legacy should go forward. We have taken both Grandma Mary's and Grandma Mitzie's recipes and have created foods that you will come to love, crave and want to share with others you love.

Coffee was a MUST in her kitchen. We have looked all over the world for the best organic coffees and coffee blends. We offer you the freshest, most flavor filled coffees roasted in Massachusetts from the Cape Cod Coffee Company.

Now you can order Mitzie's products online and have them shipped to your door! Food made with love!

Custom made gift baskets and gift boxes are available by calling our Ordering Division.

Call us at 863-800-5009 or order here online!